Tuesday, August 30, 2011

That time of year again

That time again, when I start getting bulk email crap from Senator Inhofe.  The lesson?  Never, never, never use your real email addy when signing an online petition against cap-n-trade.  'Cuz even a fairly cool guy like Inhofe will spam the holy cheezits outta ya.


  1. I make extensive use of mailinator.com, which will create an account for you, but with a lifespan of 30 minutes. So if you expect a rapid reply (like a registration code for that new proggie you installed), you can get it - but you get no spam from the company because the account goes away.

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  3. MAX - Excellent. You have a knack for knowing a lot about a lot.

  4. Kinda reminds me uv a scam I thought I was perpetrating once.

    Never been much for credit cards, but needed to do my once in five years (they sure don't make underwear that lasts anymore) clothes shoppin spree. So I headed offen to 1 uv them super malls, Wa Square.

    Went ta 10 or so stores and hit the sales rack items hard. At each check out experience, the cashier would ask "do you wanna put that on your _______ card?". I said, I cain't do that I ain't got me one.

    Without fail, each one uv dem major outlets wuz running a special dat day dat wuz passin' along a 10 to 20% discount on all items purchased if I signed up for their credit card. I knew I wuz safe cuz they ain't seen me for the last five years, so I said sur I ain't the Federal Government I'm all for saving me sum cash flow. Besides I wud just cut dem cards up when they showed up inna mah USbankruptPS PO Box.

    Same deal as five years ago and then they asked me for that ole email dealio and what was I thinkin???????, I gave it to them.

    Well got what I wanted on sale with anudder discount to boot, so I wuz feelin' pretty gud about the scam I had just pulled off, until I hadta to pull the cover offen my puter to check email and when I pulled upta the post office to pick up snail mail.

    Them there marketing experts had scammed me. They dun sold my email and postal soul to the devil.

    All them saving I got have been spent on extree garbage fees and on new keyboards that wear out from delete sender forever, delete sender forever, delete sender forever............!

    Jeez, now I know what a black hole experience feels like.

    Don't give out yur email address iffen you don't wanna be swimmin' in sand for the next five years, cuz scams are a pain in the butt and underwear should be bought when it's needed, no matter what the cost.

    Folks will git closer to you, iffen you do.

  5. I have often wondered how much of the internet is taken up with temporary accounts I set up...and forgot about. Even with Amazon, and 'secure' sites I do a different account each time. I sent a certain nephew a subscription using the title "Dr." so that he could identify the source of future junk mail.

  6. I actually liked many of those Inhofe missives. His aid who writes them is really friendly. We exchanged some e-mails for a blog post I did a few years back. Very gracious.

    I have a junk e-mail box that for when I have to give an e-mail address to people I suspect will end up spamming me or selling it.

  7. My guys are pretty good about not spamming me... I only get about two or three things a month from my rep and senators. But they're Texans, which I think MIGHT have sumthin' to do with that.

  8. lessons learned. I signed up to win a new john deere lawn mower at the mall (i know, stupid) and ended up "winning" a home security system installed for free. you'd think i would've learned my lesson by now!

  9. You can borrow my fake email:



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