Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Scary Stuff

This was discussed on Lars Larson's NW show yesterday.  Here's a related article from the Medford Mail-Tribune.

  • An unnamed guy gets put on PAID administrative leave from his job at ODOT and escorted out of the building by state police.  Turns out this is the third time the ODOT boss has done this to his personnel.  Co-workers say the guy never did anything threatening.
  • Unnamed guy buys some guns.  Legally.
  • Some anonymous bedwetters at ODOT say unnamed guy is a creep and they're afraid of him.
  • Local police realize that he recently bought some legal firearms.
  • Police freak out and assemble SWAT team of 13 guys with assault rifles and tactical gear at unnamed man's house.
  • SWAT wakes the guy up in the middle of the night at takes him in for a psych evaluation.  He complies and offers no resistance.  "He's not under arrest, we're just taking him into custody.  And, oh, by the way, we're taking his guns, too."
  • Unnamed man is not charged with any crime.  Unnamed man passes psych eval.  Unnamed man hasn't got his guns back yet.  Unnamed man's reputation is now in the sh*tter.
  • All authorities involved refuse to say a dang thing, saying it would violate unnamed man's HIPAA rights.
 So, maybe unnamed man is a genuine psycho and the police intervened just in time to keep the guy from Going Postal ODOT.  Or, maybe, we're increasingly living in a police state where if you piss off the wrong person the full Weight of the Government Juggernaut will come down on you and squash you like a bug. 

Please convince me that I have nothing to worry about and this could never happen to me. 


  1. Just turn in all your weapons now and you won't have to worry about a thing. Probably. Maybe.

  2. Unfortunately I think it's the latter not the former. Welcome to the American police state. Now with twice the progressive minty freshness.

  3. No, I think this is a real concern.

    If some gubmint pencil-pusher gets a bug up his butt, he or she could mess up your life.

  4. Legal gun sales went from a yearly average of 2.5 million to a whopping 14 million in 2009. People are afraid of our government. The government should be afraid of us. The Second Amendment protects our Bill of Rights.

  5. Don't worry, it won't happen to you. You're the picture of stability.

    BTW, do ya have the number for DHS? (Like they'd listen to me)

  6. Moogie - I feel better already

    Infidel - mmmmmmm, minty!

    kingshamus - yep. And these are just local dorks. Hate to think of what the feds could do.

    Woodsterman - it's like guns are the only industry that has actually benefited from the stimulus bill

    Matt - Call any number you want, and I betcha somebody from DHS will be hearing ya just fine...

  7. I think it's option 2. We live in a a very docile society despite what our country's rugged past would have one believe. America is quite domesticated.

  8. I'm don't understand. When I'm visit Americaw I show the ohfishalls my Norf Korean passport. It states that I am a negro and a registered Democrat. I have no problems buying or possessing fire arms, or nuclear technology, for that matter.

    KIM Jong IL
    North of the DMZ
    near Bakersfield, CA


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