Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Census PSAs

The farkin' census.  Only the government could manage to turn a simple head-count into such an Epic Eventtm.  And the Public Service Announcements on the radio really bring out the Italian in me - these-a ads-a really PSA me off!

 The one I've been hearing lately is about buses:  "If we don't know how many people live in your town, how will we know how many buses we need?"  Please, Mr. Radio Announcer, just shut up.  I can't stand the stupidity.  If I have to abide one more kernel of government idiocy, I'll pop like that fat guy in The Meaning of Life.

Instead, how's this for hope-n-change: base the number of buses on the demand for bus service!  If all the buses are crowded, get some more.  If they are driving around empty, sell them off.  Who cares if a bazillion people live in my town?  What matters is how many of them want to ride the bus!!!! 

Ah S**T!!!  Now I've done it!  Now that I've said that, I bet the next census forms will demand we reveal the details of our bus riding habits so our overseers in central planning can optimize the bus schedule.


  1. These F*cking government officials really are poking into every nook and cranny of our lives violating our privacy. The government workers have proven that they have no common sense.

  2. The amount of money spent on this crap is astounding. You wouldn't believe what they're doing in New Orleans! Door-to-door drop off of little census packets with the "personal touch." One problem is -- many folks in New Orleans have BIG fences with locked gates. So, they plan to hang the little housewarming packets on the doorknob. In the rain. And wind. We haven't seen ours yet, but I've seen some blowing down the street.

    And, PLEASE!!! don't give them any more ideas for questions!!

  3. I just ignore it all ;-) Got ours in the mail yesterday. Still debating on just how much of a smart aleck I intend to be...

  4. The national government has nothing to do with bus service in your city. It's just another lie to make it seem like we can't live without these idiots. I don't mind them looking in some of my nooks, but I draw the line at my crannies.


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