Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Think "press 2 for Spanish" is bad?

This link came in my inboxNo me gusta nada.

Michigan is trending red so hopefully Arabic-speaking welfare bums will start to feel a little uncomfortable soon.  Maybe even feel all oppressed and stuff and want to move back to Yemen.  But I kind of doubt it.


  1. I see sumthin' EVERY day that tells me I've lived too long; this is yet another one of those things.

  2. It's bad enough I have to pay for English speaking down and outters ... now this?

  3. That's raaaaaacist! The Arabs are oppressing the oppressed Spanish.

  4. That's horrible, they must be taking cues from the tower hamlet area in London.

  5. Yeah, and I got another question for ya: "Alla WHO is ackbar, anyhow?"

    The college where I work is dumb enough to put "Press 1 for English" right on the fone menu! I mean, I GOTTA WORK TO HEAR THE REST OF THIS IN MY NATIVE LANGUAGE?! That bugs me everytime I call them.

  6. Interesting. Three languages, one of them is Arabic. Also, there are Spanish-speaking people on welfare in... Michigan?


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