Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oooh, they're serious now! **UPDATED**

Seen the headline on Drudge?  Barry's Organizing for America has a new website called attackwatch where the Hitler Youth people can rat out their neighbors for saying/doing attacky stuff.  I'm tempted to sign up and submit my own blog posts.  Might help boost my traffic.  Then again, there may not be enough people who give a rip about whether attacky stuff is happening to barry for me to notice.  I'd probably just get a lot of cuss-word-and-typo-laden crap comments from anonymous moonbats.



This is ALMOST enough to make me sign up for twitter.  Almost.  I particularly like "I just saw 6 ATMs in an alley killing a job.  Looks like a hate crime."


  1. Do it. Who knows, maybe it will help someone see the light.

  2. The website says, "Paid for by Obama for America"

    See its a good thing...its foreigners helping America!

    Wait, will that get me on the list?

  3. Two words: Black Helicopters.

    I warned ya.

  4. it's been kinda depressing around here. we needed a good laugh.

  5. Don't you know that it's immoral to criticize Obama! All opposition to our Dear Leader is based on racism.

    I shall have to turn you in to the Obama police. I'm doing it for our children.

  6. I'm sure we're all in their "cross hairs" already, Inno.

  7. I've been on twitter for ages, the hashtag is HILARIOUS!
    If you get on there, send me a friend request.

  8. Didja see this?


    Found at Ace's place.

  9. Twitter is ALL about who ya follow. I love it... there's MUCH humor there.

  10. #attackwatch is the first thing that's ever made me not hate Twitter


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