Saturday, September 3, 2011





We just lost to a 1-AA team.  At home.  In the freekin' Kansas Plan OT.  They went for the win with a 2-pt conversion.  And got it.

Now I REALLY need Andy's Tigers to come through and keep the rest of my weekend life from being utterly ruined.


  1. Life is good in the Razorback nation! I suppose it's ok in Tigerland, too.

  2. I feel yore pain, Inno. Really. I DO.

  3. lol aw heck Inno..have a beer ---on me!

  4. Who'd a thunk?

    My wife asked me yesterday afternoon, "Where's Sacramento State?"
    I said, "On the east side of Sac. Out at the other end of J street. away from the river. Why?"
    She said, " I wasn't even aware there was a school, let alone that they had a football team. They're tied with Oregon State. It's in overtime."
    I said, "No way!"
    Then I went and tried to find the score on the NCAA website and the game wasn't even listed.
    Go figure!

  5. Inno, I would tell you to "buck up," but stuff like this sucks too deeply to buck up from.

    However...just a few years ago, Alabama (headed by Corch St. Nick Saban) got beat by The University of Louisiana at Monroe.

    In Tuscaloosa.

    Really...beaten by your "easy game chumps," at home.


    Look where they are now.

    Of course, OSU is not 'Bama, and y'all don't got St. Nick as a corch...

    But, well...

    The Purple & Gold chicken hat shall be in the mail on Tuesday. Would be Monday, but there is some supposed holiday that postal workers get to take on Monday. Not me.

  6. Don't worry Innoman. The Stillers look good!

  7. I've been a lifelong fan of the the West Point military academy team. My Saturday's are usually painful so I know where you're coming from.

  8. I hope the rest of the weekend was better & you had a nice Labor Day, Inno!

  9. It gets worse. You still have to plat Utah.

  10. Trestin - if my Beavs play Wisconsin like they played SacState, they'll get smeared so bad I won't care what happens against Utah. :)


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