Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Morning Quarterback in the Evening

I don't feel tardy
Greetings footbaw fans.  Andy has entrusted me with SMQ this week.  That's kinda like givin' your teenager a fifth of booze and keys to riding mower - it'll probably be a bad end.  But, anyway.

Speaking of bad end, my Beavers had a bye this week.  Which makes it the third week in a row that they haven't shown up.  Lost at home to bunch of middle-schoolers in week 1, then got shut out by Wisconsin in week 2.  Sure, Wisconsin was ranked.  But they're Big-10.  So it wasn't like ranked-ranked.  My Beavs take on now-U-C-L-A-now-you-don't next week.

If the Beavs start conference play with a win, I'll go back to normal....
Otherwise, I'm stuck being an LSU fan for a while.  ELL!  ESS!  YOOOO!

As a recent convert to LSUism, let's recap the season so far:
Week 1.  LSU Tigers 'gainst the Oregon Ducks.  Last season, the Ducks put up 40+ points and 500+ yards on just about everybody.  But against LSU's defense, the Ducks looked like a palsy-stricken monkey running with scissors.  Ugly but comical.
Tigers ate 'em up like it was Foie Gras night at
Cajun Carl's Mobile Snack Shack.

Week 2:  LSU beats up the Northwest Louisiana Fly-tying Academy.
Week 3: LSU beats up Mississippi State.  No doubt some sportswriters are voting LSU to be #1 in the upcoming polls.  Not enough to unseat the other guys, but still...

Speaking of the other guys

Ohio State played Miami of Flarda.  It might appear to be a non-consequential non-conference non-game, but the winner gets 50% off at their next bail hearing.  So there was a lot on the line.  'Canes win.  Drug dealers throughout the land rejoiced much.  These are two teams I really can't stand.  Too bad a giant mechanical manta ray from outer space didn't come down and just devour both teams.  I guess the giant mechanical manta ray from outer space has better taste than that or something.

#1 Oklahoma beat #5 FSU.  Not sure who thought the 'Noles were all that.  But they're a Florida school so they'll probably still be in the top 10 next week.  Gack.

#2 Alabama whooped on North Texas.  They should lose a spot in the rankings for only beating them by 41.

#4  Boise State, looking less Smurfy this season, beat Rutgers.  Or was it Inner Memphis Community College.  Wait, I think it was Toledo.  Maybe it really doesn't matter.

#6 Stanford beat Arizona.  Stanford is for real.  They have a reputation for being the West Coast version of an Ivy Leaguer, but they're fer reals.  NFL teams are already losing on purpose to get a chance at drafting Andrew Luck.

#9 Texas A&M tried to show the SEC "Hey, we belong!" by squishing the Idaho Vandals.  Hey, guys.  Know what?  It didn't help.

Norte Dame beat #15 Michigan State.  Please, please, don't let ND start to be good again.

#19 Baylor (wait!  did I just say that?) was slaughtering some screwball school from Austin.  When you're getting killed by Baylor by 49 points and then the game is called on account of lightning, it is proof that God doesn't like you.  Find another way to spend your Saturday afternoons.

Vanderbilt is 3-0.  I think this means that the Mayans were right about the world coming to an end in 2012.

For a Big-10 team, I don't mind Iowa too much.  Prolly 'cuz they remind me of my Steelers.  Who also won today.

Georgia beat Coast Carolina by 59.  But Coast Carolina shut 'em out in the 4th quarter.  Tells me that the Bulldawgs just don't know how to finish off an opponent.

Sunshine and Chance are still Beaver fans.  And that's a wrap!


  1. More than excellent, Inno! Seriously...very good.


  2. Hey Inno, in that last photo, which one is you. OK, I get it. Your team lost so you were punished buy wearing a chicken hat. Did you have to punish the rest of us by showing the rest of you?

  3. You think you got it bad? You know the only Division I, BCS, or whatever the hell the call it now football team in NYC? Columbia? Yea, Columbia who hasn't won since Eisenhower was President. The same team that gave Matthew Fox a scholarship.

    I console myself with the the thought that hockey will start soon.

  4. On the bright side Utah looked good. No wait... BYU just looked really bad.


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