Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Special!!!

Today Lars Larson read another one of my emails on the air today. He declared it "email of the day" and gave me a free month of Premium Membership.

Yeah, that's right. I'm now practically a celebrity. And you're reading the blog of somebody who's practically a celebrity. That makes you a celebrity twice-removed. See? Just hanging out here makes you cooler.

The context of my email was a caller named Melinda who was complaining about the difficulties of being poor and having to live in a car. Lars had a pretty long conversation with her that included lines like this: "Do you have a job?" "No." "When was the last time you applied for a job" "About 9 months ago" "What are you doing now?" "Going back to school on a federal grant." "What are you studying?" "Basic stuff." "What kind of job do you want when you finish?" "Not sure."

You could tell that she was seriously lacking in motivation. Lars quipped on-air "Federal grant... Aren't you glad your taxes are going to such good use?"

So I wrote in:

Subject: Melinda the no-job car dweller

Hey Lars,

You have it soooo backwards!!!! Our tax money going to Melinda's education has a stimulative effect on the economy. The college administrators, instructors and union staffers will use all of that money on important things like solar panels and Che banners for their next protest. Paying people not to work and to take classes they don't need has a huge multiplier effect, and may be the only thing keeping us from utter ruin!


John in Corvallis
KLOO 1340am

Now I gotta go figure out how to activate the Premium Membership...


  1. That your email was the "email of the day", demonstrates just how playground-like Larson's show has become. Seriously, are you like 15 years old? I would think so from your email.

    Larson used to be good, back before he sold-out his credibility during the Bush Administration years. If a Democratic Administration had done even 1/10th of what Bush did, Lars would have been foaming at the mouth for impeachment. But when HIS guy was doing it...excuses flowed like fine wine.

    And now, Larson has become increasingly irrelevent. Which is precisely why his previous syndicator dropped him a month ago.

    Lars Larson is a lightweight.

  2. Took a long time to get my first negative comment. That tells me I'm not being nearly as immature or offensive as I ought to be!

  3. What the heck!

    I got my first "'lanche" a coupla years ago. It was cool. I was surprised. And I crowed, too.

    Have fun!

  4. Congratulations on the e-mail, and the negative commenter.

    However, I take issue with your point that the increased sales of Che' banners will be a boon.
    The growth of Solar power, Che' banners, and Solar-powered-Che' banners will only begin to offset the collapse of the market for 'Buck Fush' and 'Chimpy McHitler' merchandise that has the economy in such a tailspin.

    My occasional critics are anonymous pansies, it's nice to see that yours has a name.
    (ironic though, that someone who refers to himself as 'Stevie' calls you childish.)

  5. Very nice work.

    What about the impact of Garafalo swimwear calendar and Olbermann daily inspirational email subscription sales in academia? Those things must sell like hotcakes because I can't find them anywhere these days.

  6. I'll tell you what I have been looking for that I can't find. The Tel"O"prompter.

    Anyways, gratz on the email and negative response.

  7. I am special by proxy, since you read and comment on MY blog! I am all a-flutter. And I DO feel cooler just for hangin' out here!

    I NEVER get negative commentors, cuz I am nearly related to most of the readers. Except for you and another guy.

    This is really cool, though, and I congratulate you on the glow of having your thoughts (smarty-pants-ed though they be) read over the air to (for all I know) tens of people who actually liked what you had to say.

    Stevie reeks of jealousy.


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