Friday, July 27, 2012

Slacker, no slacking!

Hey, slacker!  What's your deal?  Moogie has already dropped SIX (6) comments, just today.  The rest of ya?  Zip, zero, nada.  Moogie is young and fit and well-armed.  She's probably able to pull all your dead weight for a while.  But it isn't very gentlemanly or chivalrous.  So.  You know what to do.  :)


I finally did it...  Ever since it came out, I've been saying that twitter was whey to ghey for this guy...  But a lot of the blogs I like have gone dormant.  Sure, I've found a few new ones.  But sometimes ya just gotta have a little more.  So I signed up for twitter.  I've had Facebook for a couple years, and I've *never* posted a single thing there.  Twitter will likely be the same way for me, so don't try to follow me.  Just don't.  So far I'm only following a few funny people like iowahawk, Frank from IMAO, Jim Treacher, and such.  If you know of anybody funny and/or insightful, lemme know, K?

So far, today's winner is Frank:
1.5% GDP growth means we haven't been building that. 


Found my glasses!  They went AWOL Wednesday night.  I'm nearsighted.  Up to about arm's length away, I see better without them.  (Which is just fine for an engraver).  I mostly only wear them for driving and at church.  I can squint things into focus but it leads to eyestrain and headaches.  Where did I find them?  In the bottom dresser drawer.  The drawer that only has swim trunks and sweats and stuff, that I almost never get into.

FOR SALE (CHEAP!): One thieving granddaughter who likes to hide things.  Prefer to sell to circus or clan of gypsies but willing to negotiate.


  1. That's strange, I would have guessed your glasses would have been found under the kitchen sink.

  2. Follow the fake on twitter!

  3. You can't sell the grand-daughter. It's illegal. And you need her to balance the fan blades.

  4. Hey, be thankful you don't have dentures, I bet the grand daughter would have a field day with them. Meantime you'd be gumming it!!

  5. Moogie? Moo-GIE!? MOOGIE!! Come out, come out, wherever you are!

  6. It may be the point of the name of the title, but it seems as though our dear Inno is being corrupted by grandchild's
    TV show. AAAAGH!
    Praying for my dear Friend and fellow lover of the U.S.
    --The Dead Red Conservative

  7. Bad guys use Twitter too, and for me, thats the only thing its good for. Am I getting old?

  8. Selling kids? Don't know if that's a great idea. Better define your return policy very carefully.


Family-friendly phrasing heartily encouraged.


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