Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The 'How much random junk can I put in one post?' Post

Cool vid of US/Israeli joint project to intercept inbound missiles...

Closing Velocity has the more biggie version and all the backstory. If this thing works as well as it looks, maybe it makes barry's weaseling out of the missile shield in eastern Europe less painful. (Or maybe even smart?)


I wish somebody close to Murmur K'daffy would tell him that Gargoyles sunglasses stopped being cool when The Intimidator died. "Colonel, it has been 10 years! Dude!"


November was buttnumbingly cold.  December was wet to the point of minor flooding.  January and most of February have been so mild here that my springtime hayfever is already starting to tease me.  Now AccuWeather says we're looking at chunky rain, but the guy on the radio says there'll be 2-4 inches of snow, and the National Weather Service says we'll get 5".  Of course the feds rarely get anything with numbers right, so who knows.  Anyway, when sending me your monthly tribute money put an extra stamp on it just to make sure I get it OK.


In my house, the life expectancy of a decent digital camera is about 3 months.  My Olympus D620L continues to work flawlessly, however.  It was a kick-butt camera a dozen+ years ago but positively sucks by today's standards.  And it goes through batteries faster than Michelle goes through a rack of ribs.  Dunno why I even still have it, except I hate throwing away stuff that still works.  Why can't anything that takes a decent picture be as rugged?


AutoTune was invented so black people could yodel.


If I could draw like a political cartoonist, I'd draw a hilarious pic of Wisconsin democrats running into Illinois from the west while chased by the Tea Party.  And Indiana democrats running into Illinois from the east.  Then the two packs of running 'crats would crash into each other 'cuz they were looking over their shoulders at their pursuers instead of where they were going.  And their fat ugly faces would collide and become even more misshapen.  But I can't draw, so use your imagination.



Seriously, who doesn't just love yodeling?


  1. I think you have beat a record here with this post. Urban yodeling was happening before Autotune. It's just now more people can do it, that's all. And Murmur needs to get with the times. He needs a pair of Lindsay Ho-hans.

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  3. Weather, it is what it is. If 'ya wanna know what it is just go outside as that is far more accurate than any forecaster.

    There are to competing schools of thought here in Michigan in regards to the weather:

    1) Just wait 5 minutes and it will change.

    2) Michigan has two season's: 9 months of Winter and 3 months of Poor Sledding.

    Note; Number (1) can and will occur withing number (2).

  4. I know what you mean about cameras. I use a Kodak Easy Share that originally came with it's own printer. I think I could drop kick the thing and it would do just fine. The one on my phone takes a great picture too, but I'll get home wishing I'd had a camera ... and I had a camera and forgot.

  5. Michelle Obama going through a rack of ribs.

    Who knew our First Lady was a competitive eater?

    I bet he can beat that skinny Japanese guy in Nathans' hot dog eating contest anytime.

  6. In my house, the life expectancy of a decent digital camera is about 3 months.

    My Canon Powershot G5 is almost seven years old as we speak and it's still the camera I use most, even though I bought a spiffy Canon dSLR a couple o' years ago. The G5 "only" has five megapixels but it takes photos that rival the SLR's output (with twice the pixel count) in quality. I love that thing!

    I love that Arrow, too. I just hope Barry keeps funding the program...

  7. That is an impressive collection.

    First, Obama will kill off the weapon system if it works.

    Second, no matter what the weather is, it's global warming!


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