Friday, December 4, 2009

Mother Nature or Mommie Dearest?

Seems like mom's been using the wire hangers on global warming's pimply white rump.  Snow in Houston!  25o last night here, and they're talking lows down around 15o by Sunday night!  Fifteen bleeping degrees!  Yeah, I'm sure some of my southern readers are like "that's what y'all git for livin' up there by Canada!"  But my part of Oregon is only about 200' elevation, and the weather coming in from the Pacific is almost always "warm" so temps in the teens are VERY unusual.  We get into the teens maybe once every five years or so.  And never in the first week of December!

With the ClimateGate scandal becoming better known, we're seeing a lot more info coming out refuting AGW.  Lots of sites are all over it, but Ace (if you don't mind salty language) has a lot in the main column and also in the right-side headlines.  Lots of people are calling baloney.  I know there are some bitter clinger contrarians who will say "Well, a few of your little anecdotes don't negate the, um, 'fact', that the earth is warming."  To which I respond "No, but a mountainous mountain of anecdotal evidence plus willful mishandling of climate data equals shut yer flapping lips, you lying hippie!"  Only the profoundly stupid still buy this nonsense.  If you still believe in AGW, for your own safety you should limit yourself to cheap plastic cutlery at dinnertime.  You're not smart enough to safely handle a real butter knife.

It is unraveling so fast that the big climate pow-wow in Copenhagen may end up a disappointment.  Even Fat Al says he's a 'no.'  The prostitutes (the literal whores, not the metaphoric political whores) are offering their services for free!  Normally, globalist do-gooders at a convention and prostitution go together like peanut butter and jelly.  If the scandi slutbags are offering it up for free, with "The Final Countdown" playing live in the background and you still can't attract a decent number of totalitarians with nice sunglasses to your event, well, that pretty much spells the end of your little crusade.  Save yourself further embarrassment by just knocking it off, OK?


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  2. This (Northern transplant damn yankee) Southern reader has the fireplace raging, since it's going down to 32 or so tonight and could snow. My wife and kids have their PJs on backwards, apparently some custom I never learned that nonetheless brings snow.

    I think I'll sleep in my clothes tonight. I shoveled enough snow for my first 37 years to last a lifetime.

  3. It's snowing in Louisiana right na! Take that Al Gore!

  4. Now, now folks. I'm sure that the global warming has caused it to become colder. We're just far too dumb to understand all of the "settled" science.

  5. I was subbing at a high school today down here on the Texas Gulf Coast and when the snow started coming down at about 9 am, a science teacher (ill-advisedly) took her class out to "study" the snow. One of the clever children yelled out, "Were going out to study the Global Warming...".

    Pretty funny. It is supposed to hit 26° tonite here.

  6. it snowed here in TN this morn :D
    great rant! and ty for the linkage.

  7. You know what I really like about the global warming "controversy"? I'm too old to give a rat's ass about it. That's a great thing about being old.

    Even if global warming's coming, nothing major is going to happen while I'm alive. The grandkids and great-gandkids will just have to deal with it after I'm long gone. I can't be responsible for everything....

    Another great thing about being old is that I can actually remember when "cap and trade" was called "pollution credits." Republicans seemed to like the rascals way back then, during the Reagan administration. Something must have soured them on the idea, though. Maybe because it's hard to securitize pollution credits, repackage them, reprice, declare them AAA grade, and sell them to pension funds (as far as I know, anyway).

    But, as I said, I don't give a rat's ass.

    PS: Go easy on the snow shovelling.

  8. Yeah, Nell, I'll take it easy on the snow shoveling. Threw out my back trying to shovel all the libdork BS that's been dumped lately... So the snow can wait.

  9. Global warming makes things get colder. Also, you can have sex with multiple partners in order to regain your virginity.

    I heard a climate scientist say those things, so they must be true right?

  10. I hate Snow! I can throw out my back just by thinking of shoveling. I wish we could throw out all the bums that thought up these scams!


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