Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dem girlymen find something they can lift

After a long and embarrassing display of weakness, Congressional democrats have finally found something they can lift.  Unable to lift a finger to help the economy, unable to raise a hand against terrorists, unable to lift America's image abroad, dem leaders found that their meager metrosexual musculature was just barely sufficient to lift the debt ceiling by $1.8 trillion, paving the way for even more reckless spending.

The spindly and skeletal Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said "We're getting weaker each day.  We figured we better do it now, before next year's campaign season, by which time I fear we'll be too weak to even lift our own sorry electoral chances."
Michelle Obama needs more boob belts


  1. That ol Nancy. She's looking like a hairy, boiled frog leg. Reid must be jealous.

  2. I raised my debt ceiling today. The only difference is I have to pay mine off. Oh to be a congressional democrat.

  3. So dang funny! I hope yer feelin' better, O Nameless One, if the last two posts are any indication, you must be feeling better!

    Glad you're back!

  4. Red - If Nancy still looks as good as a hairy frog, I better get harsher with the photochopping.

    Infidel - You also get to pay congress' bills, too. What a bonus.

    aA - I still sound like I gargled with broken glass but I feel better.

  5. You have to assume that they know that this will never be paid back. It has to be an intentional attempt to destroy the country. There is no other possible explanation.

  6. Matt - I tend to think that each congressional big spender knows that someday somebody is going to have to pay the piper. But they also think that day is still far enough off in the future that they can get away with it for one more election cycle. They're dumb enough to think that there'll always be a chair open when the music stops. Just because they've "gotten away" with it for decades doesn't mean they can get away with it indefinitely. It's going to be *&@#^$((*& ugly when we end up defaulting.

  7. I raised my debt ceiling today too. Or whoever it is whose name is on this credit card.

  8. I'd like a blank check, too. That's it. I'm running for Congress.

  9. This has been going on forever ... it just happens to be the Dems this time. I have noticed it is much bigger chunks as of late.


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