Thursday, November 4, 2010

The good, the bad...

The Good:
Oregonians sent Republicans to the state legislature.  Democrats had enjoyed substantial majorities in both houses, but we trimmed that considerably.  Last I heard, there was actually a pretty good chance of a TOTAL TIE in both houses, 15-15 and 30-30.  Since we have that accursed vote-by-mail, ballots are still being dickered over.  So I can't cheer too loudly yet.  But it is solid progress...

The Bad:
The greenie ecofreaks reached into the recycle bin and pulled out John Kitzhaber again.  Kitz was governor already once, back in the '90s.  He presided during the dot-com boom and the much ballyhooed "Silicon Forest" (brief) expansion of the tech sector here.  So he gets to pretend that he created a lot of jobs during his first tenure.  Not many of those jobs remain today, so he really should be boasting that he "rented them for a while" at great expense to taxpayers.

The Really, Really Ugly:
Kitz's plan for dealing with Oregon's multibillion budget problems:  Piddle away billions on light rail commuter projects that nodody rides.  Except criminals - they seem to like it.  Build it and they will come.  The drug dealers and street thugs, that is.  The other prong of Kitz's assault is VINYL WINDOWS.  Yes.  He's serious.  He wants to borrow RIDICULOUS amounts of money to install high-efficiency windows in all the schools and public buildings.  Yay.  The flip side of the coin is that Oregon has a Seismic Fetish about tearing down schools that aren't earthquake proof.  Then rebuilding outrageously fancy replacements.  I can't wait for an old school with crummy windows to get an upgrade and then be torn down a year or two later.  Here in Oregon, a broken window isn't a fallacy, it is the First Commandment of idiotic governance.

I should be happy with the election results this week.  But I just can't bring myself to smile about much of anything.  We're California without the headlines....


  1. BUT- here is THE BEST:
    Abbi on crack- check it.

  2. "Here in Oregon, a broken window isn't a fallacy, it is the First Commandment of idiotic governance." Nice line. I would say something about Oregon, but you guys have been going lib for a while. I'm much more worried about Colorado since they're closer to Arizona, and the chance of an infection spreading is much scarier.

  3. You have better firearms laws than the People's Republik of Kalifornia...

    But you seem to have the same liberal sickness that infects Kalifornia.

  4. Liberalism is a mental disorder. It's too bad that both California and Oregon elected a bunch of Lefie loons.

  5. Oregon: Like California but we can carry guns (for now.)

    Look on the bright side - the Republican Party in New York State is so incompetent that we are cursed with another Cuomo for four years (assuming no sex scandal.)

  6. Hi Inno! OR is full of liberal loons, at least a few (R)'s got elected. It was a great night.

  7. Heheh.

    So Kitzhaber or whatever goes back to a knotted up state legislature?

    Maybe that's exactly what this apparent leftist clown deserves.

  8. California without the headlines Heh.

    Nobody but thugs rides the light rail? Really? Here in flyover land Portland's transportation system is ballyhooed as the next best thing to Nirvana. Interesting.

    I know what you mean about thinking you should be feeling happier. I can't get Cedric Richmond off my mind.


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