Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Childhood cruelties

When I was a kid, there was a boy in my elementary school who I won't name right now, though I remember him well.  He was treated shamefully.  He had a hairlip that had been surgically repaired but it didn't turn out that great.  He was also from a low-income family, so he always wore hand-me-downs and looked kind of shabby.  But there was nothing really wrong with him.  But those two minor things made him almost an abomination.  For no better reason than having poor parents and a scar on his lip, kids would routinely beat him up (at worst) and utterly avoid him (at best).  It bothered me.  Sadly, I didn't do anything about it.  I didn't join in when he was picked on, but I did not one thing to deter it, either.  30+ years later it still bugs me sometimes.  I have no idea what ever became of this kid, but after all the abuse he took, it would be a miracle if he ended up "OK" and not suicidal or in prison.

Then today, the Washington Post puts out an article about Obama's childhood.  Think about this:  Little Barry had one absentee psycho commie dad, another absentee psycho muzzie dad, a mother named Stanley, a gay tranny for a nanny, and the kids he grew up with him teased him about "being chubby and walking like a duck."  That's one great big double-helping of dysfunction right there.  And none if it was really his fault.

I felt a tinge of sympathy for Obama.  Briefly.  Very briefly.  But I got over it and feel much better now.


  1. "I felt a tinge of sympathy for Obama." That's it, you're on probation, ist das nicht recht, kamerad?

  2. And all this time I thought you were a cold heartless orb.

    The things we really don't know about people!

    Still trying to figger out how to email you.

  3. Jbomb - but I said I got over it! It was really, really, brief.

    amanofwonder - I'm reluctant to put my gmail in the body of the blog or the comments, 'cuz that's where the web spiders crawl for info. Over in the right-hand column under the "about me" there is a link, and also in my profile. Are your real-life initials JY?

  4. Yes, he did take a short ride on the dysfunctional train. But, why does he have to take it out on us?!?!

    You might just have made him into a comic book Super-Evil genius.

  5. If it walks like duck and it quacks like duck ... well .... say it with me now ... "IT MUST BE A DUCK!"

  6. Yep, everybody has a story that makes them what they is. A lot of people overcome the negative things. A lot of people get past them and move on to productivity and at least a modicum of self respect.

    Still others weasel their way into positions of power and ruin everybody's lives on their way up.

    If we could just figure out how to get him to talk to Dr. Phil, he may cry, quit smoking and renounce his muslimicity...

  7. Inno, I know that kid you're talking about...well not that kid in particular, but one very similar.

    He was short, not so good looking, had a terrible speech impediment, etc. He suffered merciless torment as a grade-schooler, and didn't graduate from high school, but went to work as a plumber's helper. Became a Master, started his own company...then got in to the lawn sprinkler business, branched out to Dallas & Houston, sold his operation at age 50 and retired a wealthy man.

    Now he fishes in his big bass boat, travels the world when he wants, invests most of his time in his kids and grandkids...basically does what he wants, when he wants.

    He's my wife's uncle.

    I'll bet that kid had a better life than you suspect.

  8. Perhaps we can all get together and have an anti-bullying telethon on TV.

    The cast of Glee can sing some songs.


  9. It's hard to feel sorry for someone who is running our country into the ground. Or for the dumbtards who elected him.

  10. I think many of us second guess our childhoods, but it's important to remember that we were kids. Folks overcome many things. It's a matter of mindset, and overcoming adversity.


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