Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flippy Calderón

You've no doubt heard about the outrageous statements made by Mexican President Felipe Calderón.  This whole "everybody draw mo" thing has been fun, and it seems Andy and I happened upon an idea at the same time.  We're gonna ride this meme for all it's worth.  I'm much less an artist than I am an internet photojacker, so here's my 1000 words on the subject:

Anybody else wanna play "Everybody draw Calderón?"  It's fun!


  1. Heh! Succinct...well done!

    Yeah, Inno, we really need to get this in the hands of the big boys/gals.

    Thanks for the link, man.

  2. Let's see how pResident Barry's foreign policy works: He goes abroad and apologizes for us and foreign leaders come here and trash us.

    What's wrong with this picture? Oh, and Mexico can go to hell. No wait, mexico IS hell.

  3. I'd play, but you already drew the Ace, my friend. You win.

  4. Great idea! Unfortunately my artistic ability ends at stick figures.

  5. lol..amnesty for all criminals and rapists ..uh huh!.. good one Inno Hope u had a sweet weekend my friend!!:-)

  6. Come on Snarky B! I think a good 'moon' would compete with 'the bird'.


Family-friendly phrasing heartily encouraged.


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