Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Facebook WTH?

I'm not into Facespace or Mybook or any of that crap.  That's 'cuz I'm an ornery old cuss and nobody likes me. And I like it that way.  But a couple months ago sitemeter was showing some hits coming from Facebook.  I tried to follow the referring link but Facespace said I had to have an account.  So I created an account.  And then that link was private so I never figured out who was linking me.  So hey, whoever you are - 'thanks!'.  But my Facebook has sat there, totally dormant, ever since.

Until today.  I've had 6 friend requests (I think - maybe it was 5) just today.  Weird.  I'm extremely uncomfortable with the notion of people actually wanting to be my friend.  Totally squicks me out.  Like watching somebody put in a contact lens.  Ick.  I just hope today was a fluke.  Being thought of as anything less than a full-on snotty ol' curmudgeon is more than my fragile psyche can deal with right now.


  1. I know what you mean. I keep getting emails from people wanting to follow me on twitter - and I don't have a twitter account. I wish there was a way to email farts.

  2. Shut up you ol' geezer.

    There, you feel better?

  3. Yeah, and my Yahoo mail account is trying to get all social now too. Whenever I log in to check my mail it says,

    Hello Gordon!
    What are you doing right now?

    And my first impulse, every time, is to type "Having a magnificent B.M.! What are you doing?"

    (It's probably a good thing that I don't have a Twitter account.)

    By the way, I'm on FaceSpace now too. So far my only friends are cousins, most of them once removed. Go fr**nd me if you like. Or go fr**nd yourself, for all I care.

  4. Your buddy Paul Mitchell posted a link to your 'Submitted Without Comment' post on his Failbook page. But that was yesterday. Dunno how to help you out with the deal from a couple weeks ago.

  5. I may have spoken too soon. Some woman, goes by the name of 'Pine Nut' posted a link to your 'Barry Invigorating stroll' post on April 26th. All her info is set to private, except her favorite quote:
    "Fuck you and have a nice day....."

  6. Inno, I'm doing a Facebook experiment right now. It's going well...very interesting.

  7. i hear ya. but i'm on facebook too. you can learn a lot on there. sometimes, though, i'd just rather not know some things.
    yeah and what gordon said. use my email to find me.

  8. I guess I'll be deleting you from my friends then. :^)

  9. Mebbe I'm wrong, but my understanding is that the companies that host these "social sites" push random "friend" requests...so losers won't feel lonely, I guess.

    My sis has posted all the pics of her fam on Facebook or another. I'll never see them.

    As to Twitter...

    I've read some "tweets" and can't see why I'd be interested. Then, I don't text, either. If the boys want to talk to me, they can use their phones. I'll answer and everything.

  10. As long as i don't get a friend request from President Obama I'll live with my facebook account.


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