Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama pokes hornet nest with stick

Active discussion in Hot Air headlines regarding this. Obama is showing himself easily rattled. Heh. The old saying regarding the press was that one shouldn't get in a whizzin' contest with somebody who buys ink by the barrel. While print media is on its way to the museum, the same wisdom applies with other media. Especially Rush Limbaugh. Three hours a day to many millions of listeners. Even those who can't stand him pay attention to him, as proven in Obama's quote at the link above.

This is the prelude to what I predict will be a dynamic shift in the media. The blogosphere as we now know it didn't exist the last time a donk was in the White House. The left enjoys citing the vast numbers of hits and users their big sites have - they have indeed prospered in these early years of blogging and independent media. With the mainstream papers dying off, and the network TV news slobbering praises all over Obama, though, the righty blogosphere is well positioned for a profound boost in popularity and influence. Every verbal fumble, every heavy-handed tactic of the new administration will be much more closely scrutinized, talked about, and laughed at than what Clinton faced. Obama has already revealed the chink in his armor - a thin skin.

What really, is a political blogger, but a critic? An often sarcastic critic. A well-read and well-connected critic. We don't command armies or make huge appropriations decisions. All we have to offer in this fight are words. Obama's biggest vulnerability is also our greatest strength. Words.

Fight Hard.

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