Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blazers vs. Suns 12-7-2010

Finally borrowed a card reader to extract the pics out of the dead camera...  The pics are kinda big, so go eat some Christmas-themed baked goods and come back in a few minutes after the page is done loading...

Yeah, those seats were pretty good!

The seat right in front of us...

Our view of the replay screen
RIP, Big Mo'
Me 'n the wife.  Photo credit: Some dude in the adjacent seat.
In some places it rains cats and dogs.  In Oregon we don't screw around - it rains cars here.

Color Guard did a nice job
Wesley Matthews and Marcus Camby
Brandon Roy, gettin' the shootin' hand warmed up for action
Grant Hill, all alone on the playground 'cuz nobody likes him
Good action shots were kinda hard to come by - the bright floor w/ dark above made the camera not know what to meter on, and the fast action meant the autofocus was always just a little behind.
Doncha go tickin' off Coach McMillen!  You won't like what happens!
Oh yeah, time for some Rudy. 
Dang, I guess the Nikon CoolPix is not shock resistant when dropped on the Rose Garden floor.

So, I leave you with...

Merry Christmas from Chance and Sunshine


  1. Dang you ain't so bad looking after all. It is ablazeing how guys can find better half's that look a whole bunch better than we do.

  2. Man O' Wonder: Careful use of photo editing software makes me look passable. Thankfully my wife doesn't need retouching. :)

  3. Wow!! Those were some kind of seats! And adorable dogs. You and the Mrs. make a lovely couple, too! Wow -- a post of Americana! Love it.

  4. At last! A visual sighting of the infamous blogger known as Innominatus.

    Now barry and the wife know who to send the secret service after.

    But seriously. Nice photos. Though I was a little disappointed that you didn't look like John Wayne in "The Quiet Man."

    P.S. - merry christmas!

  5. Moogie - Thanks. You make it sound like a Rockwell painting. If you only knew...

    Infidel - Sorry, I'm not much of a hat guy. And Napolitano already has a gov't van parked across the street. :}


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