Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Dog Blogging

Hey!  No flash photography while I'm working on my beauty sleep

 See?  I've been cute from day 1!

Jocelyn, we're done playing horsey!  Do you wanna know why?...

...'cuz I'm too sexy for my fur,
too sexy for my fur, too sexy!

Alright primadonna, cut the crap or I'll have to use my Mean Facetm on you!

What?  I got a little carried away with the Mean Face?  Sorry!


  1. INNO!!!!! That's my Sadie in the first shot! Seriously, you've seen my blog photo smooching on Sadie...

    That's her! I've done about a dozen posts with photos of her. Fine animal. Dumb as a bag of hammers, but the sweetest pooch we've ever owned.

    I knew there was a reason I liked you. I'm a dog guy. Always have been.

    Thanks for the pix.

  2. What precious pics! (The little girl's pretty cute, too!)

    ISn't it amazing how much personality can be displayed on one furry snout!

    v/w: ettor, as in "Yep -- I done seen my squeaky toy and I ettor!"

  3. Andy - Sunshine is only about 1/8 Lab - the rest is Golden Retriever and Great Dane. Weird that she looks so "Labby." When she was little she had dark spots like a Dane might have but now she just looks like a fat lab with slightly longer fur.

    Moogie - Thankfully both my doggies are really good with the kiddies. They seem to prefer dollar-store stuffed animals over squeaky toys. Come home from work and there's stuffed animal guts (white fuzz) everywhere!

  4. Inno, that IS weird. My Sadie's AKC name is Sadie Lou "Sunshine" (100% purebred, with the papers to prove it).

    I like you. Just sayin'...

    Maybe it's just the angle you caught Sunshine at in the photo (the I'm busy sleeping, put your stupid camera up and leave me alone angle), but I'll be doggoned if she ain't Sadie's spittin' image!

  5. Dogs are outstanding.

  6. So, that's what you really look like.

  7. Cool pics, Inn.

    Dogs are rad.

  8. I love dogs. The pics of the dogs were so cute!

  9. It is clear that your canine leads a "ruff" life. I think Andy is barking up the wrong tree, he has some kind of purebred, while yours is a (large) mutt that looks the same. Sounds like a "name brand vs. generic" situation.
    Of course, just like name brand vs. generic, with name brand, you know what you're gonna get. Sounds like you got lucky with yo' mutt.

  10. Liberals are the suck; dogs are the cool. Just keep them away from my spill, okay? (Dogs ... you can toss as many libtards into my noxious plumes as you can.)

  11. Hi Inno, I missed this, TOO CUTE!
    Did you get a new puppy too?
    I hope you are enjoying the summer.
    Bye for now, Bunni


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